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No More Damaged Items: StayHold Helps to Secure Items in your Car Trunk

When you have some loose items to carry in your car, you may put it in the rear seat footwell. It would be much more convenient to load into the hatch, this is always a problem.


StayHold is a solid plastic wall that grips the carpet in your car and acts as a barrier to hold loose items securely against the side wall in your car trunk or boot. It features hook strips on the bottom that grip the carpetstrong and secure.


StayHold can be Easily positioned by peeling off of the carpet using one of the handles. It is just a simple design, but it is going to change the way people use their cars for carrying goods.


It is great to use StayHold with your groceries, wine bottles, plant pots, sports equipment, water bottles, footballs, pushchairs, and many many other loose items you need to carry in your car.

Cuissential SlickBoil: Collapsible Silicone Tea Kettle

From Cuissential company’s creativity, SlickBoil folding teapot would be your best travel equipment for this holiday. Structure probably can be divided into two parts, namely disc modelling of the stainless steel base, and attached to the base of the heat resistant silicone material pot body.

At ordinary times, the silica gel teapot can be folded, reduce the space occupied. If needed, it can be opened and installed with water, put aside the stove directly or on an open fire to boil water.

Herschel Novel Duffel bag

The Novel Duffel includes a shoe compartment to keep your kicks away from your kits. With a padded shoulder strap it makes for the perfect carry on.

Size: 11?x23?x10.5?

Details: Fully Lined with Herschel’s Custom Fabric, removable shoulder strap. Forty five liter capacity. Waterproof Zipper Detail. Separate Shoe Compartment.

Click Here to Purchase Herschel’s Novel Duffel bag($75)

Awesome Brisket Flip Flop

Have you ever seen a brisket flip flop? Not everyone is going to be sporting a pair of it this summer. If you have now, you are probably a better person for it.

Brisket Flip Flop is made out of dyed foam, with different colored fabrics playing the filling of the sandwich. Definitely amazing looking, the brisket flip flop will make you the talk of the scene. Do not try to eat it, when you find yourself very hungry.

There are lots of different places I could have guessed this shoe could have come from.  Among the top ones would have been Japan and some weird shoe museum.  I was way off.  It’s actually for sale on Etsy from a vendor based out of Fort Lauderdale. You can get this work of art for the low price of $295.

Purchase it for $295 on Etsy

Awesome Solar Powered Rainbow Maker

Solar Powered Rainbow Maker 1

Do you like rainbows? This solar powered rainbow maker will fill your room with a twirl of impressive rainbows! Stick the rainbow maker to any window that meets direct sunlight. The crystal will rotate and produce beautiful rainbows that move around the room. Genuine Swarovski crystal rotates and refracts sunshine to create rainbows.

This unusual appearing thing attaches via sucking cup to your window and swings and rotates a Swarovski crystal to refract sunshine making “whirling rainbows.”  The entire deal is powered by a minor solar control panel.

Solar Powered Rainbow Maker 2
We’re pretty sure this will keep childrens mesmerized for several hours on end, only to wonder whether they may be curious enough to drag it away from the window, resulting in an accident. We suggest you put this out of reach of children will be safe.
Solar Powered Rainbow Maker 3
Have a lovely room where you enjoy the sun shine in each morning in your daily life? Why not stylish it up even more with the $24.99 solar powered rainbow maker?

Solar Powered Rainbow Maker 4