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Unusual and Unique Cat Earrings Every Cat Lover Will Love

Rita is a Cat Addict, she is making this unusual and unique cat earrings. We really liked these neat and beautiful earrings. You could wear this style of cat earrings, or just put them anywhere you like. If you are a cat lover, you will surely love these posh earrings. Of course it will be a perfect gifts for your friends who like felines.

Rita spent her childhood in a Russian village and lived with cows, ghouls, chicken, ducks, pigs, and of course cats all around. She spent a lot of time talking looking after and playing with them. Now she has three cats in her apartment and constantly makes earrings in the form of cats.

You could buy these cat earrings at Etsy.

More info: Unusual Cat Names

Hanabi Light, Creative Flower and Fire Style Lamp

In Japanese, Hanabi means “fireworks” and it is make up of the characters for “flower” and “fire”. The word “blooming” is the exact word to describe it.

This creative lamp is designed by the Tokyo designer Oki Sato, who camp up with the extremely clever idea for the light. When the light is turned on, the bulb heats up and the petal-like strips will start to spread as though they are blooming. When the light is turned off, the light will close like a shamed flower.
The Hanabi light is very interesting, it is not complex. The light blooms just like a flower, it just utilizes the heat of the light bulb. But it is a clever idea and you cannot help loving it.

Star Wars Lego Chess

This is a Star Wars: A New Hope Lego Chess set. It was built in April and May of 2009 and debuted at Star Wars Days at Legoland California.

Hollywood, CA Lego fan Brandon Griffith created this fantastic chess set out of Lego elements. I love how he broke free of the chess paradigm of one figure per piece. For instance, the king shows Luke and Leia together, while the queen has Han and Chewie. Some of the pieces are tiny vignettes–take the king’s bishop, which shows Ben Kenobi turning off the Death Star’s tractor beam.

Since 1999, Lego has released over 100 different Star Wars Mini figures. To give Star Wars Lego justice, I decided to build three different Chess sets, one for each original episode. This is the first of the series. Star Wars: A New Hope Lego Chess.

My goals with the individual chess pieces is to:
1. Is durable enough to play the game with.
2. Present a piece that closely represents a scene form the movie. My favorites are “Obi-wan and the tractor beam” & “Greedo”

The chess board:
1. Built strong enough to carry with out breaking
2. The playing area easily removes from the rest of the board to reveal compartments to store the pieces.
3. The detailing on the side on the board utilizes a lot of SNOT (Studs Not On Tops) techniques. This a technique that came out of the Adult Lego community.

Other Facts:
1. The chess board is built on a base of layered Lego plates.
2. Weighs 25lbs.
3. the Minifigs were the most expensive part on the chess set.

Beautiful Cake Slicing Flower

Next time you have to cut a cake consider this genius product by designer WAGAii. The petals help you cut pieces evenly, so everyone gets the same size piece.

You can either use the pedals of the flower, or the leaves of the flower.