No More Damaged Items: StayHold Helps to Secure Items in your Car Trunk

When you have some loose items to carry in your car, you may put it in the rear seat footwell. It would be much more convenient to load into the hatch, this is always a problem.


StayHold is a solid plastic wall that grips the carpet in your car and acts as a barrier to hold loose items securely against the side wall in your car trunk or boot. It features hook strips on the bottom that grip the carpetstrong and secure.


StayHold can be Easily positioned by peeling off of the carpet using one of the handles. It is just a simple design, but it is going to change the way people use their cars for carrying goods.


It is great to use StayHold with your groceries, wine bottles, plant pots, sports equipment, water bottles, footballs, pushchairs, and many many other loose items you need to carry in your car.