Beautiful and Creative Fruit Bowls

Stylish modern fruit containers and creative fruit bowl  designs that will store your favorite fruits in style.

Bubblicious Fruit Bowl

Elegant fruit bowl comprised of spheres that allows you to organize fruits of different shapes and sizes inside the bowl.

Bend Fruit Bowl

Contemporary wooden fruit bowl designed by Eliezer Chissick.

Triangle Fruit Bowl

Recontextualization of the billiards triangle used for starting the game, now used as a fruit bowl.

Cocoon Fruit Bowl

Designed by Philippi, this cool fruit bowl has a unique shape and an oval opening that provides a nice view on the fruits.

Vessel Fruit Bowls

Stylish wooden fruit bowls by Belgian artist Helena Schepens.

Fruit Slide

Load the slide with your favorite fruit, and once one is taken out, the fruit line starts to roll.

Flat Knot Fruit Bowl

Cool fruit bowl created from a flat sheet of metal which is then warped and knotted into itself.

Earth Fruit Bowl

Earth bowls are creative works of art in the form of your chosen part of the earth. Google Maps enable you to quickly design your own bowl.

Fruit Stack

Vertical storage allows fruit to breathe and ripen without bruising.

Fruit Loop

Round fruit bowl lets you add a fruit loop to your kitchen table.

Zack Stiletto Fruit Bowl

Enhance your living space with this stylish stainless steel fruit bowl.

Ring Fruit Bowl

Unusual fruit bowl made of porcelain that hangs on the wall.

Roller Coaster Fruit Tray

Fruit tray by Janne Kyttanen can hold up to 9 oranges or apples.

“Fruit” Bowl

Series of cool fruit bowls by Siri Brekke that look like molds of actual fruit, be it an apple or a pear.

Vessel Fruit Bowl

Beautiful wooden fruit bowl designed by Helena Schepens.

Bottomless Fruit Bowl

HUG reduces the bowl to its basic function: holding fruits in place.