Retire your stubby finger: iCooly iPhone/iPad Brush Stylus

Finally you get full detailed control over all your favorite apps. The iCooly is great for accurate typing on the iPhone and perfect for drawing apps on the iPad. What’s more, the brush retracts into the stylus at the push of a button. Just try and get your finger to do that.

Who would have thunk that a brush is the best way to control the capacitive touch display on your iPhone or iPad? Turns out that the special iCooly Brush Stylus mimics your stubby finger perfectly, except with much more accuracy.

Product Features

  • Specially designed stylus works with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
  • Enables precision selection of on-screen items
  • Metal Construction
  • Soft brush tip material keeps your screen clean while you tap
  • Tip retracts into stylus at the push of a button