BearBot Bottle Opening Shirt is coming

On the way home, our little robot friend opened many a bottle of Benderbrau and Botweiser. In our beatified state, we inquired if it would be WRONG to steal this invention from the robot company, when they had been oh-so-friendly to us. “Would that make us jerks?” Harrison asked. The little BeerBot belched. “Everybody’s a jerk,” he said. “You, me, this jerk.” (He’s right, Christian is a jerk.) So we decided to screw over the friendly robot company of the future – by IMPROVING on their BeerBot prototype and implanting it into a shirt.

Having cured cancer and world hunger, the ThinkGeek monkeys went on a time traveling expedition to the year 2998 to visit a certain friendly robot company in Tijuana. Ty slipped our tour guide a vintage 2010 iPhone 4G (NIB!), and convinced him to take us back into the top secret R&D area. There, we found them developing tiny robots whose sole purpose was to open bottles of beer. Willy pulled out his yo-yo and did a few tricks to distract the employees while Hans pocketed a prototype.

That’s right. BeerBot was great and great is okay, but amazing would be GREAT! The BeerBot Bottle Opening Shirt is amazing. This slightly inebriated robot forgot about the Three Laws six beers ago, but he’ll gladly help you pop the top of your brewski. When life is hilariously cruel and hands you a beer without a means to open it, you can laugh as you throw wide your jacket and hand the bottle to your BeerBot. POP! Open. You’ll be the life of the party thanks to BeerBot, and who doesn’t want to be the life of the party? Who doesn’t want to have the one thing that everyone needs? Just remember, meatbags, drink responsibly. We’d like to see you survive until 2998, after all, even if you’re just a head in a jar.

Product Features

* For responsible meatbags aged 21+
* Place bottle into the robot’s hand, tilt SLIGHTLY and the bottle opens!
* Black t-shirt with a bottle opening robot attached
* Whether it’s root beer or Benderbrau, please drink responsibly
* Love your washing machine: turn this shirt inside out to machine-wash