Flash Hardware: Beamer iPhone Case

Slim, glossy and simple-minded conception, powered by a similar coin cell electric battery, the Beamer is a bright case of simple innovation. Just press the showing neatness integrated push button, once for a few seconds of light or twice to leave on indefinitely.

Socially built up by our mind bosoming allies at Quirky.com, the Beamer is a imperishable, iPhone friendly hardcase with a inherent super bright LED. Apply it to crystalize extempore photos/videos, search for cast smarties, read menus in palely lit restaurants, wave during power lays or keep off the loo place following an evening with Mr Lager and his pals. You can even use it to do that scarey torch under your Kuki affair.

Although the iPhone 3G/3Gs has a lot of features than a cosmetic surgeon booklet it still lacks a photographic camera flash and flashlight. What’s more, it is liable to break if you drop it. So why not kill three birds with one incredibly smart case? Come forward the Beamer.