Awesome Brisket Flip Flop

Have you ever seen a brisket flip flop? Not everyone is going to be sporting a pair of it this summer. If you have now, you are probably a better person for it.

Brisket Flip Flop is made out of dyed foam, with different colored fabrics playing the filling of the sandwich. Definitely amazing looking, the brisket flip flop will make you the talk of the scene. Do not try to eat it, when you find yourself very hungry.

There are lots of different places I could have guessed this shoe could have come from.  Among the top ones would have been Japan and some weird shoe museum.  I was way off.  It’s actually for sale on Etsy from a vendor based out of Fort Lauderdale. You can get this work of art for the low price of $295.

Purchase it for $295 on Etsy