Cool Fragrance Fido Charms for your dog

Make your dog smells sweeter with Fragrance Fido Charms

There are two types of people in the world: one clean messes, the other hide messes. If your thought of “cleaning” involves shoving everything on the floor into the nearest cabinet, you’re the last mentioned. Do not worry, many people are the same. We are going to get out on a branch and say these equivalent people are the ones who act not to find the foul stench from their dog. Is there a way to have a great smelling dog?

The answer is yes. Just dress one of these Fragrance Fido Charms to your dog’s collar, you will immediately smell the difference. Now you have the Green Apple Dog, Ocean Breeze Dog, or even Fresh Linen Dog. I believe all you want your dog to smell as wonderful as a load of laundry fresh from the dryer?

Fragrance Fido Charms Specifications:

  • Scented charms for your dog’s collar
  • Six scents available: Cucumber Melon (green/blue)? Green Apple (bright green)? Ocean Breeze (blue)? Tangerine (orange)? Fresh Linen (white)? Wild Berry (pink/purple)
  • Fragrance lasts up to a month
  • Mask that hound dog smell with something delicious
  • Healthier for your dog’s skin than scented shampoos or doggie colognes
  • Dimensions (H / W / D): 1″ x 2.75″ x 0.75″

Buy Fragrance Fido Charms here for $3.99 only