Extra Helping Hand: Reisenthel Mother Child Bag

The mother child bag is a special shopping bag to allow a child to help Mom or Dad carry the shopping. Babies are always happy and proud when they can help, so here’s a great bag for both!

The Reisenthel Mother Child Bag solves a common problem with an very simple idea: a child-sized handle attached to the side of a shopping bag! It’s fabulous for times when you don’t have a hand to spare and offers your child a bit of security as well as extra safety while crossing the road.

Another benefit is that they will be so occupied with their task, they will stay closer to the adult, not likely to wander!

BTW: 1 Euro of each bag will be donated to a day-care center

  • Safe shopping for parents and children
  • tear-proof polyester fabric
  • with extra handle to grip amd help carry
  • eye-catching front print
  • 1 inner pocket with zip fastening
  • 1 interior cell phone storage pocket
  • bag can be slung over the shoulder thanks to two additional long handles

Material: polyester
Dimensions: length 42 cm, width 20 cm, height 44.5 cm
volume: 20 L

Purchase it here for 19,90 €