Secret Storage Books

Need a place to retreat your secrets or other things you don’t want found while you work? We came over these super cool vintage + antique books that are made into storage boxes.

You are able to choose the book you would like to have made into storage box which is one thing we really liked. Fancy a vintage copy of Sherlock Holmes for your workspace? They’ve got it. Secret Storage Books also has custom projects available so your options are pretty open.

Some neat things about Secret Storage Good Book:

* The pages of each book are first dipped into a vat of non toxic glue or starch
* The books are then clamped in gangs to avoid warping during the curing process
* Curing happens in a pressurized drying chamber
* The hardened pages are then individually machined using various kinds of cutters
* All bookboxes are made from ‘pre-owned’ books and therefore may have scuffs and dents – which is part of their charm and camouflage
* All books are acquired from charities, recyclers, community organizations or publishers