Dead Fred Pen Holder

Having a bad day?

Take it out on Fred! Stab him in the heart as many times as you want, he won’t mind ’cause he’s already dead!

Picture your worst enemy as you slam your pen into Fred’s chest, perhaps that annoying guy in accounts who constantly questions your expenses. Its like having your very own voodoo doll constantly at your side.

A strangely “cute” addition to any desk, Fred is made from blood red silicone rubber. He’ll keep your pen safe from harm and provide an interesting talking point.

What’s more, your colleagues won’t dare mess with you once they’ve seen you in murder mode.

Grab your pen – here’s a piece of office stationery you should take note of. But hang on, where exactly is your pen? You pat your pockets, you lift your keyboard, sift through the pile of papers on your desk and as your frustration builds you look up to see your favourite medium-point in the hands of that dude from accounts – or worse, it’s between his coffee-stained teeth in his garlic-soaked mouth! Aaarrgh! At this point, there’s only one thing you’d like to do to him – and that’s where Dead Fred comes in!

Plunge your pen deep into the heart of Dead Fred’s soft silicon rubber heart – he’ll not only keep it safe from rolling under the keyboard, he serves as a warning to those who might like to borrow your favourite pen that this is what happened to the last guy who did!

Far be it from us to encourage the use of voodoo – but in case that meeting with the boss doesn’t go quite as well as planned, Dead Fred can take the fall and be your corporate corpse.

The Dead Fred Pen Holder is a great “Secret Santa” gift and perfect for those of us with a fetish for office supplies – or just for the macabre. And it certainly beats the ol’ pocket protector (and just for the record – they were NEVER cool)!

So, if we could please have a moments silence to honour (or even better, order) Dead Fred. He’s given his life to keep your stationery, stationary.

Notes: Do not use for constant stabbing – Fred is already dead! For serious frustration seek anger management classes.


  • Novelty pen/pencil holder
  • Made from silicone rubber
  • Designed by: Yann Le Bouedec
  • Dimensions: 12.5cm 7cm x 2cm