Hanabi Light, Creative Flower and Fire Style Lamp

In Japanese, Hanabi means “fireworks” and it is make up of the characters for “flower” and “fire”. The word “blooming” is the exact word to describe it.

This creative lamp is designed by the Tokyo designer Oki Sato, who camp up with the extremely clever idea for the light. When the light is turned on, the bulb heats up and the petal-like strips will start to spread as though they are blooming. When the light is turned off, the light will close like a shamed flower.
The Hanabi light is very interesting, it is not complex. The light blooms just like a flower, it just utilizes the heat of the light bulb. But it is a clever idea and you cannot help loving it.

Wall Saver Money Box

Money savings seems housewife’s action. But this blue river wall saver money box makes savings become full of dynamic adornment.

From France company L ‘Atelier d’ Exercises creative, blue river saving box looks like a rectangle frame, it is blue curved river. After the coins are dropped from a head of slip, they will go into the river below blue lakes.

It is a great adornment and it will make your space a little different and you will like it.

Cuissential SlickBoil: Collapsible Silicone Tea Kettle

From Cuissential company’s creativity, SlickBoil folding teapot would be your best travel equipment for this holiday. Structure probably can be divided into two parts, namely disc modelling of the stainless steel base, and attached to the base of the heat resistant silicone material pot body.

At ordinary times, the silica gel teapot can be folded, reduce the space occupied. If needed, it can be opened and installed with water, put aside the stove directly or on an open fire to boil water.

Tool Tank Looks Cool

Tool Tank looks like a toy tank keychain that does nothing more than make a bunch of keychain look less boring, but it is in fact a mini screwdriver that is capable of performing tasks like tightening and loosening screws for various purposes such as repairing and maintaining stuff around the house.

The clever design puts the parts of a multi-bit screwdriver in the shape of the tank. The tank’s turret is obviously the most important part, not only in a real tank but also for this keychain tool. It holds the screw bits magnetically in place while the turret moves vertically up and down freely across a 90-degree angle to suit the task at hand. You may play physics games with it in your hand.

As for the tracks of the tank, the metallic parts of the wheels are actually different-sized screw bits cleverly held in place magnetically to complete the look of a miniature toy tank.

One cool-looking keychain that comes with a useful function. The Tool Tank is due for a February 2012 release and retails for £9.99 from Spinning Hat.

Amazing iPhone DSLR

Not satisfied with the tiny camera lens on his iphone, Jeremy Salvador has sent his iPhone DSLR Prototype 1.0, it’s an iPhone 4 housing that can be equipped with DSLR lenses. The iphone sits inside the mount and the lenses attach on the front. the mount has two handle grips on each side for smooth movements and can also be mounted on a tripod. so far the system only allows users to use canon ef lenses, but with an adapter the system should be able to use almost any lens. the design takes the iphone’s 5mp camera with hd video capability to a new level create impressive still photos and video.