Unusual and Unique Cat Earrings Every Cat Lover Will Love

Rita is a Cat Addict, she is making this unusual and unique cat earrings. We really liked these neat and beautiful earrings. You could wear this style of cat earrings, or just put them anywhere you like. If you are a cat lover, you will surely love these posh earrings. Of course it will be a perfect gifts for your friends who like felines.

Rita spent her childhood in a Russian village and lived with cows, ghouls, chicken, ducks, pigs, and of course cats all around. She spent a lot of time talking looking after and playing with them. Now she has three cats in her apartment and constantly makes earrings in the form of cats.

You could buy these cat earrings at Etsy.

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Tricky Treatment Device Makes Kids Medicine Easier

Kids do not like medicine, and this makes the medicine time tough for both parents and kids. The designer Donaldo Preciado invented this MEDevice, it is the latest trick up parents’ sleeves for getting kids to take their medicine easier. This device makes a medicine-filled syringe in a baby spoon so dosing can occur at the same time as little ones eat.

It’s easy to use this Medicine Easy Device, just load up the syringe with the medicine and place it in the tube. Then, load up the spoon with a bite of food and when the child opens wide to eat, medicine can be released.

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Pooleaf: a little flowerpot on the desk


Pooleaf is a pen designed by Zeup Design Studio from Korean, it is inspired by nature. When you put these pens in a pencil vase, the pencil vase becomes a flowerpot, pooleafs become mild grasses.


Pooleaf consists of lid and pen part. Pen thickness is 0.5mm, the ink color is black.


The stem and blade of pooleaf is made of silicone which is harmless to humans. It has good grip and pooleap sways gently while you use it.


Pooleaf has natural color just like grasses get color changed while time goes by in nature.
There are three color variation of pooleaf: forest green, spring green and yellow green.

No More Damaged Items: StayHold Helps to Secure Items in your Car Trunk

When you have some loose items to carry in your car, you may put it in the rear seat footwell. It would be much more convenient to load into the hatch, this is always a problem.


StayHold is a solid plastic wall that grips the carpet in your car and acts as a barrier to hold loose items securely against the side wall in your car trunk or boot. It features hook strips on the bottom that grip the carpetstrong and secure.


StayHold can be Easily positioned by peeling off of the carpet using one of the handles. It is just a simple design, but it is going to change the way people use their cars for carrying goods.


It is great to use StayHold with your groceries, wine bottles, plant pots, sports equipment, water bottles, footballs, pushchairs, and many many other loose items you need to carry in your car.

Bird on Bough

Bird on Bough is a tree bird lamp from Diach SEO’s creativity, a creative designer from Korean. The black trestle looks like a steady branch, a sophisticated sparkle bird is standing there. In fact it is the shade of the light. Light it, the bird can emit white light.

The light is simple but it is filled with a sense of the scene, it sketched out a beautiful picture of the bird wanna go home with few pens.

The lamp is designed to be reconciled in the lovely atmosphere of the space and the home. The light of the material is in the steel, enamel-coated and will not change for a long time.